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An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha


CLRG is the Commission of Irish Dancing. Their mission statement is as follows: 

“The main objective of An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha is the preservation and promotion of Irish Dancing, including step dancing, ceili dancing and other team dancing. While of course its main function is the promotion of Irish dance, An Coimisiún is proud of working in association with Conradh na Gaeilge in promoting all aspects of our culture including the use and promotion of the Irish language”


Sarah has taken her TCRG exam to become a registered teacher with CLRG. This means she and AIDA are under the headship of CLRG and must abide by their rules and guidelines at all times. The rules can be found here:

Here is a summary of the rules that directly affect students and their families:


"Rule 3.1.4 Where a pupil, formerly the pupil of a registered CLRG teacher, joins the class of another registered CLRG teacher, the new teacher must not enter that pupil in any registered competition until six months have elapsed (unless the pupil is allowed to compete by reason of Rules 3.1.5, 3.1.6, or 3,1,7). The six-month period will be calculated from the date on which notification of the pupil joining the new class is received in writing by the Regional Council or other appropriate authority"


This means if a student is registered with a certified school and they transfer to a new certified school, this student must sit a 6-month ban from competitions.

This also means that when a transfer student arrives at the new school, the new school must issue a transferring student document to the old TCRG to sign and return to the new TCRG. The new TCRG then submits this document to the regional council (we are in the Southern Region under the direction of Mary McGinty, ADCRG). Along with this document, a $25 transfer fee is due to be paid by the tranfserring family or new TCRG. AIDA is happy to pay this fee for the transferring family.


However, this 6-month ban rule is exempt, ONLY if...


"3.1.6 A teacher may apply to the Regional Council or appropriate Authority for a pupil to be exempt from 3.1.4 because of: (a) Significant change of place of normal residence of the pupil (b) Permanent closure of a dancing school normally attended by the pupil and where that school does not have another class within a reasonable distance of the pupil’s home"


This means a student is exempt from the 6-month competition ban only if the old school permanently closes or if the transferring student has made a significant move.

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