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Transfer Students 

Dancers are free to enroll and leave a studio whenever they wish. AIDA does not recruit other dance studio’s students and strictly adheres to CLRG’s policy regarding transfer students within CLRG recognized schools. AIDA does accept transfer students as long as the transfer is handled by following the CLRG rules and guidelines. This said, AIDA is not in the business of taking students from other schools.

AIDA asks that you follow these steps if you wish to transfer your dance instruction to us:
1) Contact your old teacher and tell them you are leaving the school. These dance teachers are Sarah's colleagues and teachers see each other quite often at CLRG meetings and dance competitions. Please help keep the air clear by informing them of your transfer before being informed by the CLRG region head. 
2) Pay any remaining balance of dance tuition, fees, etc.
3) Once these are completed, AIDA is happy to enroll your dancer in the correct class. 
4) AIDA does not need to know the reason of your transfer in many cases, but if it will pertain to future situations at AIDA, we prefer to be made aware of such situations (for example, "my dancer felt ignored by her previous teacher" - in which case Sarah will be sure to give your dancer personal attention that will help her feel noticed).

When a dancer transfers from another certified school (barring any special circumstances that may override this rule), there is a $25 transfer fee (per family) payable to the Transfer Secretary of the Southern Region by the transferring family or new school. AIDA is happy to pay this fee.

AIDA reserves the right to refuse your transfer request if one of the steps mentioned above is ignored. In addition, if the transferring dancer and family lack a sense of respect for their former and future dance teacher and school, AIDA reserves the right to refuse your transfer. AIDA dancers are humble, respectful, hard working, and team players. 

Within CLRG policy, a potential transfer student is permitted to attend 1 trial class at AIDA, free of charge and without completing registration, before making the decision to transfer. This is a nice way for a potential student to get to know Sarah before making the important decision to transfer schools. Please note the dancer will not be taking a class, but simply observing a class (to stay within CLRG policy). 

Please complete the inquiry form below to begin communication so we can schedule a meeting regarding class placement for your dancer. You may fill out the form partially and still submit it if there are questions you are unsure of or would prefer not to answer.

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