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Hi Everyone!
We leave March 23 for GLASGOW and the
Irish Dance World Championships!
This is exciting and perfect timing as will launch soon and Armstrong Irish Dance Academy will soon begin classes!!

No more donations needed.

thanks!! :)

My plan
Total raised: $ 1,650
Contributors:   17
Not Glasgow
Nov 10, 2015

Statistics show that if you sell the dusty exercise machine in your basement, you can donate the earnings to your local Irish dance teacher. 

Source: -J. Bradley Magazine

Nov 20, 2015

Thanks a ton for all that have contributed so far. I'm super excited. I am also secretly working on her Academy logo and hope to launch her website by the new year...pending her passing of course. I have much confidence in her passing abilities :P

Nov 23, 2015

For Sarah's B'day I got her a card...but I didn't allow her to open it. She has to wait until I tell her she can. It is stuck to the fridge. In it is the link to this page. I'm so cruel.

Dec 8, 2015

This time next week Sarah will have her results!!! Bring it on!

Passed! She did it. I revealed her suprise and trip this morning. Sarah's flippin' stoked. Thanks for those who've helped out so far. I'm leaving it open for anyone else who may like to contribute.

Dec 14, 2015
Dec 23, 2015

We're planning our trip to Scotland! It'll be exciting to update you on the little adventure. We're also starting to build So keep returning when ya think of it.

Watch the video to find out what I'm doing for Sarah. If you have trouble viewing it then continue reading for my explanation.

Most of you know Sarah tested again for her irish dance certification. It went great and we're confident she will most likely, certainly, surely pass ...probably.


Once she passes, Sarah will be invited to a graduation ceremony and ball held at the next World Championships. This the Super Bowl of Irish Dancing except for the commercials, tackles, and beer. Actually, there's probably beer. I'm sure dancer dads are close by having a pint.

Where, When

Different cities around the world host each year. It will be in Glasgow, Scotland next March 20th - 27th 2016. Sarah has expressed how much she would have loved to attend. However, since we can't afford the whole trip, she has accepted the fact there's no chance of going.

Here's my plan

Even though I'm telling Sarah we can't go, I'm secretly planning the trip and saving up the funds.

I hope to tell her we can go once she receives her results in December.


I am opening up the opportunity for folks to help me pull off this cunning "Best Husband in the World" act. Whether you're friends, family, parents, students, or a random millionaire, you are invited to make a contribution. Obviously there's no pressure or individual expectation from me, but I wanted to at least put it out there.


If not interested, no problem, just KEEP IT SECRET, KEEP IT SAFE.


If you actually ask this question then I'd have to say "Yes". But obviously no you don't. This is an open invitation. Kinda' like a tip jar.

Do I have to donate?
Can I donate another way?

Heck yes. I like chocolate chip cookies, brownies w/nuts, or #4 Spicy Chicken club at Chick fil' A. OR, Sarah's B'day is coming up, so instead of a card, you can put a few bucks into a donation! :)

How are you accepting contributions?

The easiest will be through this site in the "donate" section. It will route thru my paypal account so I will keep track of all receipts. If there are any concerns on this, I will be happy to talk with you to make it happen another way.

When will she receive her results?

We'll know by 14 December.

What will donations go to?

Donations will only go to big expenses before we depart, such as: flight, hotel, cab, random airport expenses they decide to stick us with. Once we get there, any site seeing stuff, gifts, or haggis will be from our own pocket.

What if she doesn't pass or uknown reason prevents us from going?

If for some dumb, silly, stupid reason they don't pass her or we're unable to make the trip, I will return all donations unless the giver states otherwise.

How much is your goal?

I hope to reach $2,000 by mid Dec, no later than end of the year.

Will you continue collecting if you reach your goal?

The donate button will be open until I reach my goal or until early January, whichever comes first.

Aren't you going to have a new baby? What about traveling with it?

Yes. We've registered for a cool, hip, manly baby carrier that daddy will be quite familiar with. Plus, I would rather endure the stress a baby brings than regret not seeing Sarah take part in last step of her achievement.


Contact me anytime. Either email me throught the fields here or from the original email you recieved.

Got it. I'll hollar back to ya soon.



Start by Clicking the world's largest Donate button.

It's linked to my paypal account where I can track everything.

  • It will prompt you for donation amount.

  • If you have a paypal account: you can then login.

    If you do not have an account, thats OK!: Find & click the "continue" link near the credit card labels.

  • Fill in card information


Donations are done! 

Thanks everyone!!!

Donations are done! 

Thanks everyone!!!



Everyone has a "thing" in life. The thing you think about constantly. The topic that comes up in all your conversations. The thing that you just do well...and some would say you were created to do. This is Sarah's thing.


Thanks everyone for helping her. Whether you were a listening ear or were suckered to a ceili  for her to teach herself by teaching you the way she needed to teach it at the exam. Yes, yes that's right :) 


I know she could thank you, but I personally want to acknowledge all the help and support she's received.

for Sarah?

Tell'er how proud you are of her. Tell a funny story. Leave some love.

Once I reveal her surprise, I will show her this webpage along with all your messages.

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